10. The Flesh Keeper ( 2007 )

The Flesh Keeper: Family is Everything is the motto of the Joad brothers, a creed held so dear that the siblings will do anything to take care of their own. Just how far the Joads will go is something that a group of friends find out when their car unfortunately breaks down in the middle of a Texas road trip. Hunted down and held hostage, the terrified travelers must endure a horrific night of torture and murder as they are forced to play a sadistic game that pits the friends against each other to satisfy the Joads psychotic sense of southern hospitality. Helpless and terrified with fear, the friends soon realize that the nightmare has only just begun as the true secret of the Joad family is eventually revealed. A secret the Joad family will do anything to protect. For family is everything and the familys darkest secret lies lurking in the cellar. A secret that is very, very hungry. Now the true terror begins.

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